Radio Autoplay

Hi Guys,

Firstly what a brilliant chat feature, my suggestion is could the radio have an auto play function, so we can set it so as soon as they log into the chat they start hearing the music?

Thanks and top work :)


Glad to hear you enjoy Minnit Chat! We work really hard to give the best experience possible for our users, so words of encouragement like yours really go a long way.

I like the suggestion of autoplaying radio. Unfortunately, the desktop versions of Chrome and Safari, as well as every mobile browser, would not support autoplaying the radio. Here's an article explaining it:

Essentially, if the <audio> tag is playing audio before the user interacts w/ the page, it won't play at all -- even if they later interact w/ the chat. This would require your visitors to pause the audio, then re-enable it.

This is frustrating, I know, and in any other situation we'd be happy to implement it for you. But as-is, this is simply not possible.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions, questions, etc. about Minnit Chat!



Minnit Ltd.

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