Chat sounds -- Is the pop a flop?

At the moment, the chat can make a "pop" sound when new messages come in. We've gotten separate folks asking for the option to make it something else, maybe something quieter. I've implemented the sound volume slider, but some don't feel that's enough, they want something softer too, that they can still hear over their music. So an option for multiple chat sounds definitely makes sense.

On the other hand, I don't want to clutter up the Sounds option with a bunch of dropdowns & toggles, or it becomes messy. So something else I'm now thinking about, is me replacing the pop entirely with something else, saving the need for another dropdown. So if you actually like the pop, now is your chance to defend it!

I haven't had much of a chance to think about this, as I'm still working on other new features coming soon. So please get your posts in ASAP.



I admit i like the pop - I can hear it over the show stream. I have mine set so it only Pops for private messages vs the main chat and it helps so I don't miss listeners trying to ask questions.

I don't think the pop sound should be removed completely, I would definitely prefer to add more sounds and give users the option. Many users may like the popping sound, but users typically only voice concerns when they don't like something, not when they like it, so you're getting a biased perspective from the few users who dislike it.

In my opinion, more options is (almost) always better.

How about adding a custom choice of sounds for owners to set for their chat. As I have already suggested I would like to see a special sound when a chatter joins the room to alert users someone new has joined

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