Still waiting : )

Hey there,

We have our roadmap listed here:

This feature isn't on the roadmap right now, but it is planned.

We still have to evaluate other features we plan to add in April, and this is likely going to be one of them.

If more people ask for it we'll consider doing it sooner.

I think that feature is important to dintinguish this chat application from others (I searched and I didn't find it).


It's listed on our roadmap now:

I can't give you an exact timeline on when we'll be able to work on it as we have other features we're working on currently.

I would like to know when this comes in play as well.....

We appreciate the interest and this feature is one of our top priorities right now, however it's hard to say when we'll have it in place.

The best estimate I can give is that we'll have it released in late May, or June at the latest.

I can't give any promises on that timeline as we have bug fixes and other features to implement.

I'll make another post when we begin working on custom subrooms.

We've begun working on this feature now. It requires some fairly large changes, so I can't give an exact timeline on when it'll be released.

I'll post again when we're closer to release.

Ok, I'm waiting ; )

This feature has been released.

You may add a total of 3 subrooms, including the main one. There will be options soon to get more subrooms.

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