Hi everyone,

We've received a lot of requests for file sharing, and it's a feature we're really looking forward to adding. It's going to be supported on all plans (including free).

We've just begun working on this, so we don't have any screenshots to share just yet.

The planned limits for each plan are:

Free - 10 GB/month, with files being stored for 14 days
Basic - 50 GB/month, with files being stored for 30 days
Community - 100 GB/month, with files being stored for 60 days
Pro - 1 TB/month, with files being stored for 90 days

These limits apply to files sent in main chat.

For direct messages, users will be able to upload up to 1 GB/month with files being stored for 30 days.

Files are stored as long as the message is stored.

The maximum file size per file is 100 MB. If users want to send bigger files, they will have to use file compression.

Files must not contain any illegal content, adult content or viruses. Our full content policy will be published later, but these are the main types of content that will not be allowed.

Files are scanned before they are uploaded, but we cannot detect bad content 100% of the time.

Because of this, prominent warning stating that you should only download files from users you trust will be displayed before downloading any file, and a reporting feature will be easily accessible as well.

If you upload an image or GIF, it will be displayed in the chat like a regular image preview.

Even with all of this, chat owners will still need to exercise a degree of control over who can upload, how much they can upload and what they can upload to prevent abuse.

So chat owners will be able to control:

  • Which specific ranks can upload (e.g. visitors, regulars), and whether they must have a Minnit account
  • Whether registered users and guests, or registered users only can upload
  • What file types can be uploaded by each rank (e.g. images, images + specify certain file types, or specify each file type separately)
  • The maximum file size per file uploaded for each rank

We're also considering adding an option where chat owners can allow certain ranks to use the chat's bandwidth limit for uploading files in direct messages. For example, if you allow moderators+ to use the chat bandwidth limit and one of your moderators has used up their direct message bandwidth limit, they will still be able to upload files until the chat's bandwidth limit has been exceeded. In this case, files would still be stored for 30 days.

Are there any other features you would like to see added for file sharing? Maybe a list of recently uploaded files? Restricting file sharing to main chat only (i.e. you can't send files in direct message)? Let us know and we'll look into adding it.