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Click here for a demo page I made, using words I came up with. The page is obviously technical, so pardon "the mess", I'll take it down in a few days.

If you dislike any of those words, or you have new ones you want me to add, feel free to reply and let me know.

EDIT: Would people prefer if it were Lorem ipsum instead of English words? Just two random words in that style?

I'd also prefer the demo words to the lorem ipsum style. However, I'm not entirely sold on removing numbers, unless the level of customization increases.

For example, guests 1513 and 1517 have the same name, and it's very conceivable they would end up online at the same time, potentially in the same room. Same for 1929 and 1934. I realize this is only a demo, but I think this is a possibility that should be kept in mind.

I realize this is only a demo, but I think this is a possibility that should be kept in mind.

Sorry if I wasn't clear -- The Demo is the page w/ the button and the output, but the code for generating the names on that page is the exact same as what I planned on putting in the chat. So I'm glad you pointed out how similar IDs yield similar names, since that would've been a problem once the code was uploaded if nobody else noticed.

However, I'm not entirely sold on removing numbers, unless the level of customization increases.

I don't think adding numbers should be a substitute for good randomness -- if you're in a chat, and GratefulVisitor1513 and GratefulVisitor1517 are talking, that's no good. If it were GratefulVisitor1513 and GratefulVisitor2208 then it'd be forgivable, but when all but the last 1/2 digits are identical, that's not good enough.

I'll add in more words & tweak the calculations to prevent @Vincent's discovery, probably tomorrow (heading out in a few, then when I get home, I'm going to get back to work on chat design itself, that's my main priority atm). Once there's a new demo, I'll let you know.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

New words are:

FIRST WORD: ['Timid', 'Happy', 'Excited', 'Eager', 'Grateful', 'Calm', 'Helpful', 'Gentle', 'Confident', 'Great', 'Nice', 'Mysterious', 'Wandering', 'Curious', 'Intrigued', 'Pondering', 'Joyful', 'Fancy', 'Divine', 'Kind', 'Friendly', 'Cool', 'Relaxed'];
SECOND WORD: ['Human', 'Person', 'User', 'Chatter', 'Visitor', 'Individual', 'Being', 'Self', 'Specimen', 'Newcomer', 'Settler', 'Newbie', 'Stranger', 'Citizen', 'Legend', 'One', 'Soul', 'Creature', 'Civilian', 'Habitant', 'Local', 'Traveler'];

So you can see TimidHuman, HappyUser, FancyLocal, JoyfulHuman, etc. etc.

The new system no longer uses guest IDs for the formula -- it now uses a random number generator, current time, browser info, and a few other unique attributes. This in mind, me making a public demo wouldn't be accurate, since it'd be 1000s of IDs all within the same timestamp, browser, yadda yadda, meaning a lot of the "randomness" would be ignored.

So I know I'm late to the party because this is already been implemented but I'm just now getting feedback from my users and honestly they're not thrilled with the new names. When it doesn't have guest in the display name they're finding it hard to distinguish somebody who didn't register but set a display name vs someone who is new to chat.

Would it be possible to have a display name that's either word 1 is always guest or word two is always guest? Like wanderingguest or guesttraveller ?

Would make it a lot easier to spot the newbies.

Thanks for the feedback Rebecca, sorry for the annoyances / confusion.

I just put out a quick update for your chat only, where the second word will always be Guest, to help solve the confusion. This only applies to your chat, so other chats still have the existing setup outlined above.

I'll definitely add more options for owners to change this themselves, but I'm also working on other fixes / changes that need to be done first -- so consider this my "quick solution", with a better one coming later on.

Also, if someone was in your chat prior to today (March 1st), they might still have the old name set.

Let me know if there's anything else that you or your listeners would appreciate.

Thanks! I appreciate the quick fix for our chat! (And totally understand priority queues!)

I would LOVE it if there was a way to pass the users name to via the embed code to the chatroom. My users area already logged in and I have that info. Now I have to ask them to reset their nick to their correct name as their first order of business when they login so I know who they are.


We do allow this. If you change your iframe code to add this parameter to the URL:


Then a new user will enter the chat with the nickname pre-populated as "Bob". So your code would look something like:

<iframe src="[your chat name]?embedweb&nickname=[user account nickname]">

Reminder that nicknames can be changed by the users later on, so don't rely on this as a 100% proof of verification. But it should be enough to suit your needs.

Also, users who have joined your chat before this change won't get the nickname set -- it only applies to new users.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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This post is deleted!
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