Buying usernames as numbers

Since you cannot use a number as your username, I was thinking maybe you could implement an upgrade on shop where you could buy any number you want as your username.

For example, or

What do you think of this suggestion?

Interesting idea. For the record, the reason we disallow numbers at the moment is that pages like the Action Log show user IDs, and owners can look up users by ID #s using the User Lookup tool. That way, if @BadMod (123) starts mass-banning, then changes their @ name to @GoodMod, you'll be able to just demote the (123) as seen in the Action Log.

But we could always re-work the system if users really want integers as usernames down the road. Thanks for the idea!

@brk You're welcome.

I think this idea would generate even more revenue for your company.

Hey brk when a ban from my room as just meh room right? lol cuz unfortunately were really content strict and no shy to ban someone for a day or even a lifetime ban. So wanted be sure as no affecting their access to all the other rooms haha...i would no think so but one may neva no lol

@Lions Right, your bans only affect users in your chat. They can access other rooms just fine. This way, the only time somebody can be banned from your chat is if you ban them -- gives you all of the control! ;)

yee aye ty 4 the reply

oooh 69 love the number, also interesting.

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!
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