Thanks to we go 100 users last night click that go the ss for proof!

N would like to add that we have launched the all new a lifestyle and wellness blog.. about anything from health to raising kids. There are several different authors, and the posts will be updated daily.

Oh oh! adidno leave out..nope ull get traffic from that too cuz guess what..we added a chat room...u no at! Visit our all new lifestyles blog at a member of cronychat and LIONS.INC (Linking Integrated Online Networking Solutions).

And soon our more interactive site...will be at so be sure to keep checking. It currently links to our current chat site for the purpose of getting the dns settings taken care of.....poop on the brain haha.....but ad say within a day or 2 the .life site will be live, and will be more where u can share at on facebook like the blog posts n stuff.

Thanks for reading me.....and remember cronychat as a anti-bullying online community!