Chat Site Tutorial Using Wix and Minnit Chat

Ok so a had our fabulous Site Administrator and Marketing Director, create a fabulous youtube tutorial on how to create a chat site in under 10 minutes for less than $50.00 to start using and the minnit chat software. click the link to watch the video.

We absolutely love the minnit chat software, and we love wix they have been so good to us. We just want to share with you the how to do it yourself tutorial.

#chat #ownit
#oreos r #yummay :)

Thank you Lions, very cool!

@brk hey u click this a shouted u out in our forums...BIG time. The software that as. We tell ppl when ats super good...and we tell lots of people lol.

to add to that brk we also shouted u out in our blog the software...and at will be avail on google on key word search...see? were no so bad after all lol aff u would like to see at.

Thanks a bunch, always appreciate the feedback! :)

By the way in case you didn't see, I tweeted the video you made:

A big thumbs up to meh new cyber buddy brk thanks homeskittles. ! once our sites get some good da we will backlink u for the hell of at w will wait til we get to da80 or higher so as a valuable backlink for u. The .net link as only 5 months old were just 2 months out the sandbox so...but our traffic as well over 200 thousand a month and will be a nice backlink for u when the x comes. And of course all create u a banner ad on all meh sites, to send u some biz. Just cuz we like ur product. kk brk aff u ever need nething from us do no hesitate to ask, we can be pretty powerful in the ways of marketing.

:) #oreos r #yummay!