Add whisper message feature

Add the whisper message feature and charge like monthly or coins for at....and all buy that too. Meh chatters crave features. Whispers are awesome for getting around bots and wee content restrictions. and then ano have to mute kick or ban.

Hello Lions,

Minnit offers Direct Messages, which allow users to talk 1-on-1. This should satisfy your needs.

what about a gag or a mute feature for human moderators? like and charge coins for that? See a was using chatblazer software and for the price at just had too many glitches. So a came hunting for new software. A cannae believe that this is free. But am happy to have at at cronychat. Were da 8 right now and only been up 5 months analysts say af we canny get to 20 da in a year well be somewhere near the bottom of page 1 google on key word search. That should favor well for the minnit chat brand as we are using at. Right now as our lobby with the rt software as a paid members access only. And cblazer is going out the window. lol

Moderators and higher can click a user's name and click Ban. You can ban for as long as you'd like, and you can use the "Edit Chat" feature to customize how long Admins/Mods are allowed to ban.

Would this work for your "gag/mute" needs? Or are you asking for something else?

well like to instead of kicking which as for more serious offenses to me.....a mute to where they canny type for a certain length of time lets say 60 seconds
sometimes thats enough to get them to behave
my goal as to no kick them out but to ....gear them to being nice chatters. but the 30 second kick will be okie a guess...
just suggesting some things active chat sites are looking for in software

OK we will keep the idea in mind. Thank you!