**Hiyah ago by lions ats sincerely nice to meet all of you. A own in conjunction with onther a chat site called you can find the minnit chat software at
cronychat as a chat site for anyone 13 years of age or older! We are strict against adult content, and cronychat is an anti-bullying online community!
Please click the link and check us out! A will never promote meh site in another chat site...ado no believe in propitiating. However A noticed that u give the opportunity to promote here as an invitation and a greatly appreciate it.
Also love the premium bot feature, have purchased at today. With us being geared towards teens safety and content restriction as very important. **
At is now free for eternity and always will be.
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Am Lions the webmaster at and a invite u all to our amazing chat community....and for all of u that did no no crony means...good friend.

From us at cronychat to you a big thank you to minnit chat for the amazing software, and a big thank you to all the wee chatters here, and please come and visit us.

Later aligators #oreos r #yummay!

Very nice site sir, I am impressed with the layout and all the features. The content was clean as mentioned, and you all are very friendly. I think I will sign up...thank you.

To add to this come check out the complete how to guide. Create your own chat site in less than 10 minutes. Click this link for more details
Don't forget to pop in and say hiyah to all our cronies...just click chat map once your inside, and click Lobby Chat and you will find all your cronymyownies there.

Later aligators.
#timtamslam haha

Okie everyone cronychat as stepping up our game. Check out this post on our facebook page for full details. and LIONS.INC as giving away 10k USD January 2nd 2019. click that link for the full details to see how to qualify. kk smell u later aligators!
#vegemite is #yummay