Weebly Website Mobile Interface

Hello everyone! I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with embedded links using a Weebly website. The chats work great on a PC, but in the mobile version clicking the message link at the top opens the menu to view the other rooms and user list, but it locks the user out of the chat window. They need to close and come back in.

Any suggestions?


You should be able to return to the chat, by either clicking "Return to Chat" or the rectangle where the main chat messages are, to "get back home". See attached photo.

If this isn't the case, then that's not intentional. Users should never be stuck! If something isn't working, please let me know the device(s) & link to your Weebly so I can give it a shot, and I'll fix it for you.


I use weebly embedded. If you are on android browser just request "Desktop view" from the drop down browser options settings. Then you will see the full chat

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