BOT and Radio

Allow the bot to announce in chat, the songs that are playing on the radio as they change

Thanks for the suggestion.

We're working on other things right now, so I can't guarantee when/if this will be released, but we're currently looking into it.

Update: We're currently working on implementing this. It should be released later this month.


I wanted to reply and provide another update. This feature is complete, however for it to work we need to make regular requests to your radio URL/IP to get the current song.

Unfortunately the service we use to make those requests has a bug that prevents us from making requests to IPs.

We've been informed that this bug should be fixed soon, and as soon as it is, we will release this feature.

This feature will be available on all plans (even free).

This feature is now live for all plans (including free).

The option is under bot settings in edit chat and is called "Announce Current Song".

I love minnit chat

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