Minnit x Spotify

Connect your Spotify account to Minnit.
Your name becomes green.
A scroll below your name with the song you're listening to.
alt text

I like the idea of more connectivity / social aspects to the chat, but I worry changing the entire name's color will be distracting -- even worse if we add a scrolling animation.

Is there a problem with the way Discord handles it? Just a subtle "Playing" under their name, without changing the color. If they're playing a Spotify song, you can click their name to view the song / artist. But for those who don't care, it'll be more subtle.

I agree just playing and then the song is fine.

@brk Discord has it where it says they are listening to a song on spotify, you click their profile and you can see what song.

Discord has a feature where you can listen to the song with them at the same time.

Right. I'm just saying, a scrolling ticker in the user list will be annoying, and I don't know if the green color is necessary. Does that make sense?

@brk said in Minnit x Spotify:

yes It duz

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