Allow HTML code for administrators.

I want to put Amazon links in my chat. Exist a way to publish HTML with link and image?

At the moment when you post a link, the title of the page and a short description and logo for the website will be shown.

Posting HTML is not possible currently.

We'll keep this in mind for the future. If more people ask for it, we'll bump it up to a higher priority.

yes yes locked in

Would people prefer full-on HTML for the chat owners only, or for Markdown to be improved?

Down the road (meaning long-term, maybe a month or more), we could get started on improved Markdown, like you could do:

[Click here](

and it would appear as:

Click here

in the chat.

The pros are that users who are less experienced with HTML tags could still figure it out -- with HTML, it's easy to mess up the tags, and could cause someone who isn't experienced to accidentally make the entire chat messages one huge link. Not good!

This could also let you give individual permissions to each rank -- you could let everyone add links using the Link markdown, if you trust them, and only Mods or above are allowed to make inline images using a separate code.

Are you mostly wanting just link/image embed capabilities? Or are there other stuff you find you want to use daily?

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