Character Count

Would it be possible to add a character count to the chat text entry bar so we know how many characters we've typed?

Thanks for the suggestion, Ashe! I've just now added it.

It's off by default, but if you click your name (or the gear icon above the text box), you will see a new toggle:

Show character counter in the text box

Turn this on, and click Save, and you'll see the number above the send button.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Thanks, brk! It seems to work well. Only . . . While it's nice to know how many characters we've typed, it might be better if the grand total were also included, I mean like [upcount of characters in current post]/[total characters permitted]-- say 125/255 or whatever, where the first number changes according to what's been typed.

But thanks for the prompt response!

This post is deleted!

I've updated it, so it now starts at 1000 and as you type, it slowly decreases down to 0. This should help know how "close" you are to the limit more easily, without sacrificing the aesthetic. :)

Thanks, brk! I really appreciate it. :-)

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